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Freqently Asked Questions

Q: How large is a single-block sculpture?
A: A single-block Ice Sculpture is carved from a block of ice that is 40" Tall x 20" Wide X 10" deep. Most single block sculptures are vertical and are 40" tall. Some designs are fused, and have slightly different dimensions. Many of our sculptures have dimensions listed when you click on a thumbnail.

Q: How long will our Ice Sculpture Last?
A: An Ice Sculpture's
detail will last up to 6 hours indoors, such as a reception hall. For outdoor events, it depends on the temperature and placement of the ice sculpture. Sculptures typically melt about 1/4 of an inch per hour. It is especially important to keep sculptures out of direct sunlight.

Q: What happens to all the water when it melts?
A: A drip pan is placed underneath each sculpture, with a clear hose attached in the back. The hose goes to a container underneath the table the ice sculpture is on. All the water is contained.

Q: How much does an ice sculpture cost?
A: Each sculpture is priced individually according to the amount of ice used and the time needed to make the carving. Please see our
Pricing List
for a general idea of prices. For a quote on a specific design, please request a price quote.

Q: Can you create an original or customized sculpture for us?
A: Absolutely! We can work from any idea you may have. Almost anything can be carved out of ice. Please see our galleries
for photos. Many were created from our customer's ideas.

Q: Why is your ice clear, while others I've seen has a white center?
A: All of our ice is made at our carving studio in Clinebell machines. These machines are designed to create ice that is perfectly clear. Core ice includes a white feather that consisting of air and other impurities.
Clinebell ice is harder, more stable, and lasts longer.

Q: What tools do you use to carve the ice?
A: Electric chainsaws, die grinders, angle grinders, router bits, chisels, heat guns, torches, and love and patience.

Q: How do you get the sculpture to us without it melting or breaking?
A: We pack the sculpture using insulated foam, cardboard, and/or specially designed large plywood and styrofoam cooler boxes. We also have refrigerated transportation.

Q: How do you make the writing, letters, or logos white?
A: We carve the letters or logo using router bits and die grinders, similar to a Dremel tool. Then we refill the engraving with a fine ice and snow mixture.

Q: How far do you deliver?
A: The majority of our business is delivered within a 150 mile radius from Lakeville, PA. We have delivered sculptures farther when requested for a delivery fee. We have also shipped sculptures across the US, although because shipping is expensive, it is generally more cost efficient to find a local carver.

Q: How long are ice demonstrations?
A: Timing is customized for your event. Most demonstrations are 2-3 hours long.

Q: How much advance notice do you need?
A: For weddings and sculptures that need to be set up, please contact us as soon as possible. Many popular wedding dates are booking a year in advance. If the sculpture can be delivered to a freezer, we prefer at least two weeks notice. Call us right away if you are in need of a last minute sculpture.

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with any question you may have.